with Poppa!

Even on the hottest of summer days Poppa takes time out to play a game of "peek-a-boo" at one of my favorite parks. I think I was doing more hide n' seek because I didn't pop my face through the hole in that tunnel, lol.
From here, that looks like a pretty big jump down. I'm contemplating whether I should go for it or not...

Baby's first
stair climb

When you're as small as me 15 steps can look monstrous to climb. The first few times I refused to take one step but then one day I looked up and I decided I was going up. I went all the way to the top!
Poppa was so happy. He said it was a sign of me growing up. Next, riding a bike.

My little

Early on, Poppa decided I would be a good poppa and brought home a tiny puppy for me. I named him Tiny. At times he could be a hand full but we mostly had fun and just rolled around together.
I can't wait to get back to my brother and sister and show them how responsible I am and give them tips on being good parents one day.

Hutt 1!
Hutt 2!

I'm not exactly clear on all the rules of this game they call football, so I decided for now I would play the best way that suited me.
I am currently recruiting for cheerleaders who will be here to root me on though.

The whole
9 yards

Some pooches like to sit on the couch and take in a show or two; not that there's anything wrong with that. Me, give me the outdoors where I can taste the air and play fetch with poppa here. He does have a good arm; he can throw and record me at the same time.
Thank you Auntie Deb and Uncle Arlo for letting me come to your house and play!

We love Elite Pooch

The Elite Pooch team does more than just build an awesome website. They took time to learn my personality and really got to the essence of who I am as a pup. They blend their high tech acumen with love and affection making them the only group I trust to develop my digital presence.